We are eager to get out and explore this wonderful world again. As restrictions are lifted, we are all well aware that we need to travel better now more than ever. Making wiser decisions on when to go, where to go, and how to go.

South Africa remains a favourite destination, but would you not be interested in doing it better this time? How can we do it responsibly in a country with so many diverse cultures, beautiful natural landscapes, and colourful communities? Consider the option of combining culture, community and conservation.

  1. Cultures – You would know that South Africa has many cultures and subcultures. We do not always see the smaller ones in mainstream marketing, but many underrepresented groups like the San culture, the Indian culture or even the Jewish population. To acknowledge and honour these smaller subcultures adds to the richness and diversity the country is known for.
  2. Community – Over the last few months, we see endless webinars, zoom meetings and forums to emphasize the importance of community involvement when creating authentic travel experiences. Stories are being told of the very people who live there; should they not be the ones to tell their story? Community engagement is key for sustainable tourism. Not only do they own their stories, but within their community, it builds confidence and positive economic impact.
  3. Conservation – We have all been brought to greater knowledge over the last year about our carbon footprint, climate change, and our responsibility towards mother earth. We should all be more focused on leaving a better world for the next generations. Imagine a world without trees, wildlife or a sea-green ocean? I can’t even imagine. A trip to any conservation area should educate us on how to preserve natural resources.
  4. The combination of culture, community and conservation is our approach to sustainable tourism. It is at the very heart of Themba Travel to acknowledge the cultures, engage with the communities and always be conscious of conservation within all our travel experiences. It is all connected; we are all connected! The landscape of tourism has completely changed over the last year, and our willingness to change from the old ways could mean better travel for people and the planet. Check out our ‘Beautiful Mix Tour’ that combines culture, community and conservation with 12 days of sunshine in South Africa. Beautiful Mix Tour
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