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Themba is a Xhosa word for ‘hope’

Meet the Founder

Hi, I am Chantal and the founder of Themba Travel. As a South African woman passionate about our culture, communities and conservation, my only choice was to start a sustainable travel business that would make positive social and environmental impact. Combining my love for travel and heart for the local people, was one of the most significant decisions of my life.

As a youth and community practitioner by profession and years of experience in customer service and the travel industry, I believe that we can use travel to bring transformation. Far too long the industry has only favoured a few. So the mission is simple, we create off-the-beaten-track experiences that will benefit both our lovely visitors and loyal locals. 

It makes no sense to invite people to your home and not introduce them to your family, right? I invite you to our beautiful country and my desire is to connect the conscious traveller to the friendly people and amazing places of South Africa! We are in the business to make your visit both memorable and meaningful.

3 Reasons to journey with themba travel

We specialize in Educational, Conservation and Volunteering Experiences in South Africa.

We customize our packages so that the traveller gets the most authentic travel experience as we combine culture, community and conservation in everything. 

We practice responsible tourism and create a platform for local youth and women-led businesses in tourism in our supply chain.

Themba Travel is a travel management company with its main focus on community building by offering educational, conservation and volunteering experiences within South Africa.  

Our travel packages include trips that will take you to the most popular tourist attractions, but also give you an exclusive peek into the history according to the locals. We celebrate our different cultures and offer our travellers the opportunity to meet the local people who make South Africa great. We explore places of hope and introduce you to the communities who thrive amidst their everyday struggles.

Building Memories

Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller -Ibn Battuta

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