South Africa continues to be a favourite…make your next visit an unforgettable one!

According to the WTM 2021 happening right now (7-9 April) in Cape Town, South Africa is still a favourite destination. While our beaches are endless, our wine award-winning and wildlife draw people from everywhere; it is the PEOPLE that are more precious than gold.

Like every country in the world, South Africa has gone through a difficult year with unemployment even higher because of the pandemic. The year has also unlocked deep emotions of not being seen, heard or appreciated. And I know the authentic voices of South Africa are on the rise like never before. The indigenous people are given more space and platform to tell their true stories of the country. When travel is done responsibly, it can be a great exchange between tourists and the locals. Both sides could learn from each other. As a travel company, we design our tours to give even a greater platform for the underrepresented groups in the rainbow nation…because it is their time.

Travel is such a privilege and can be used as a force for good. From the painful past to the great story of democracy, we can only look ahead for a brighter more beautiful future. Your stay in South Africa can be more than the golden sunsets, amazing outdoor adventures and colourful cultures, it can be meaningful. How about pairing a memorable time with a worthy cause. You can leave knowing that you made a positive impact on the local community. Travel responsibly, travel with Themba (hope) Travel!

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