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Wildlife volunteers on a game drive through Dinokeng Game Reserve, Hammanskraal

We use tourism to inspire HOPE, and we do it in different ways.VOLUNTEERING is only one of them, and Wildlife Volunteering is a POWERFUL one that contributes positively towards conservation.

In August this year, 17-year-old GCSE student Mahi had her first wildlife volunteering experience in Dinokeng Game Reserve, just outside Johannesburg in South Africa. And she described her experience as fascinating! She always had a great fascination for big animals and wanted to experience them for herself before applying to study Veterinary Science next year. Her week in the African bush took her on early game drives, monitoring of wildlife, bush walks, fence patrols and attending to injured animals. She even had the opportunity to meet up with some veterinary students who were doing their research in the reserve. She loved every moment of it but confessed that she was as tired as a log at the end of the day.

Mahi said that her expectations were exceeded and her love for animals and especially, the wild ones just multiplied! There was one negative though….the frosty mornings! But in true South African midday, the sun was bright and baking hot.

The large wildlife sanctuary next to the Hammanskraal community officially opened in 2011 and is dedicated to protecting the local vegetation and fauna and contributing positively to the people of the area. Dinokeng Game Reserve is committed to harmony between people and animals. This vibrant and professional environment employs hundreds of the adjoining community while supporting the daily efforts to maintain the delicate balance.

In this 19 000 hectare game reserve, you will have the chance to follow the work of the experienced field guides and passionate conservationists and make a real impact where and when it is needed. As a volunteer, your precious intervention will deal with Conservation and Rehabilitation, constantly working on the ground looking after our planet and its creatures.

At THEMBA TRAVEL, we believe that by getting closer to nature, its rhythms and its rules, we can enjoy it on a deeper level but also broaden our understanding of it, in order to improve our relationship with the planet, for the present and future generations.

Themba Travel works in partnership with the Dinokeng Game Reserve Management and support their conservation efforts by committing 5-10% donation as part of the project fee.

Book a call for more information about our Volunteering projects (Education, Health, Wildlife and Community Development) here.

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