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Price: From £995
Code: EE1 or EE2
Group size: Minimum 10 -24 participants


Code: EE1

Many cultures with even more sub-cultures, students will be immersed in the customs and traditions of the variety of people groups of the country. 

Tours will be custom designed to complement their respective fields of study, whether it’s History, Geography, Arts or Music. You will learn all aspects of the habits and mutual differences of the South African people and cultures. Tours will provide activities to develop and nurture talent and leadership development. The dynamics of effective teamwork and engagement will be explored throughout the tour. 

Designed to encourage collaborations between students and teachers, there will be discussions of real life issues of South Africa which will create a platform to exchange ideas.



Spend 9 days and 8 nights in cosmopolitan Cape Town. Ideally, for the energetic and vibrant college students (16-18 yrs), this tour will broaden their knowledge of South African history. Packed with 4 days of community service, you will get the opportunity to learn about the culture and life of South African youth. Students will explore and experience the best of Cape Town the rest of the time. 


Code: EE2

We understand that study abroad programs aim to enrich highly motivated students’ academic and personal development. Our trips are planned to ensure that students, who will later become significant leaders in their respective fields of study, are exposed to various opportunities.



Travel with us for a 12-day, 11 nights custom-made study abroad tour. Enjoy Cape Town for the first few days and end of the journey in Johannesburg. We tailor-make our tours to match your student group’s needs, expectations, budget, and time frame.

Your Impact

The social interaction with South African youth will give you greater understanding about what it is like being a young person in a developing country. Groups will have opportunities to share their experiences, both local and international learners and through fun activities share their lives together. A percentage of your fees will also benefit the community project you will engage with while there.


From £955 – £1,850 per person sharing, depending on the length of stay and activities.

*Group size: Minimum 10 -24 participants

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