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Price: From £1,055 – £2,540
Group size: Minimum 10 -24 participants


There is a great need to conserve the wildlife and   vegetation in wildlife parks in South Africa. Therefore, we partner with a conservation non-profit that provides Research conservation experience within the greater Kruger area, ideally for students considering a career in Conservation or to prepare those for postgraduate research better.

Themba Travel, in partnership with Ecology Africa, offers a unique opportunity for hands-on, first-hand experience, working as a conservation researcher with a chance to develop the required skills for working within the field alongside a highly experienced and qualified team of ecologists. Our ecological expeditions are ideal for those who want to spend a longer time in the bush with an eagerness to learn more.

Duration & Details

For those considering a career in Conservation and students already studying Ecology, there is the option to do 2-4 weeks of research in a private game reserve as part of greater Kruger National Park, where the Big 5 roam freely. As college or university student groups, you will work with qualified safety officers and passionate ecologists throughout the expedition. Depending on the length of your educational expedition, topics such as the basis of ecological surveys for a reserve to deeper discussions will be held about different aspects like finances of conservation, data collection and management, poaching, wildlife trade and dangerous game behaviour level of the students.

Your Impact

You will gain greater knowledge about the many conservation efforts happening in Africa. Your wildlife experience will surely help to give you reasons to protect your environment and a greater sense of appreciating nature. A percentage of your fees will also benefit the reserves with some of its operational requirements by assisting with environmental management.


From £1,055.00 – £2,540.00
*Group size: Minimum 10 -24 participants

Accommodation & Location

Makgokolo Private Game Reserve.

The house is built on a “Koppie” with high roofs to ensure cooling. All rooms have en suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. A small pool and a large deck are perfectly positioned to watch the sunset. The open-air design of this lodge gives the feeling of complete freedom. Food is provided but prepared by the students, though full catering can be provided.

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