Chasing the Rainbow Conversations – Sustainable Tourism

THEMBA TRAVEL FB live event | 8-10 July 2020 at 5 pm (GMT)

Sustainable Tourism

 For All of Us

The global pandemic has made us rethink our ways. The conscious traveler wants to know that his/her travelling has a postive impact on the people, environment and economy of his chosen destination. Are you that traveler?

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Taking care of the planet might sound overwhelming, but everyone can make a difference. Small acts of kindness multiplied by millions who love nature, the outdoors, can make a significant impact on our environment. But sustainability is more than caring for the environment, we also need to look after each other. How do we do that? By definition ‘sustainability’ means that we use what we need now so that we leave enough for the future generation.

Guest Speakers



From trash to treasure

We welcome guest speakers, Lizl Naude from LillyLoompa and Marla vd Merwe from Themba Training. These two remarkable ladies use what most consider as rubbish and turn it into useful products. 



South Africa’s most iconic attractions

We are talking to CEO of Embrace SA Tours, Deon Kitching. South Africa has many beautiful attractions. Places like Robben Island, District Six Museum, how does these attractions add to sustainability?




We welcome back our UK ecology student, Richard O’Neill and South African ecologist and founder of EcologyAfrica, Stephan Van Straaten.


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