Wildlife & Conservation Experience

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Wildlife and Conservation 

Curious about the Big 5 and seeing them in their natural habitat? South Africa boasts with an incredible diversity of wildlife. The most famous of it all is the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo and rhino) Each of these animals is magnificent and splendid in its own way!

Just an hour outside Pretoria, the Big 5 roams within a private reserve where we offer 1-14 Day Safari experiences. Join our field guides on foot, game drives and a boat cruise through the reserve while learning about these amazing creatures.

Further afield in the eastern part of Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, lies the world-famous Kruger National Park which is visited by more than 195 000 visitors annually.

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There is a great need to conserve the wildlife and vegetation in this area and other wildlife parks in South Africa. We, therefore, partner with a conservation non-profit that provides a 2-4 week Research conservation experience within the greater Kruger area ideally for students considering a career in Conservation or to better prepare those for postgraduate research.

Our wildlife packages are tailor-made for couples, families or small groups to discover the South African bush. Summer days are usually hot and humid with the rainy season between September until May. June and July are the ideal holiday months in the Kruger to see wildlife. Depending on the season, your day will consist of early morning or sunset game drives, afternoons around the swimming pool and evenings under the starry African skies. With a more personal and hands-on approach, these safaris are ideal for groups between 2-8 people.

For those considering a career in Conservation and students already studying Ecology, there is the option to do 2-4 weeks research in a private game reserve as part of greater Kruger National Park where the Big 5 roam freely.  As university students groups, you will work with qualified safety officers and passionate ecologists throughout the expedition. Depending on the length of your educational expedition, topics such as the basis of ecological surveys for a reserve to deeper discussions will be held about different aspects like finances of conservation, data collection and management, poaching, wildlife trade and dangerous game behaviour to the level of the students.

With both of these wildlife options, whether Safari or research in Ecology, you will gain greater knowledge about the many conservation efforts happening in Africa. Your wildlife experience will surely help to give you reasons to protect your environment and a greater sense to appreciate nature. A percentage of your fees will also benefit the reserves with some of its operational requirements by assisting with environmental management.

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