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About 45 minutes south-east from Cape Town International Airport, lies another world of mountains, nature reserves, more beaches and more beauty. Still, within the greater Cape Town, we travel to the Helderberg, Winelands and Overberg regions to serve those in disadvantaged areas who struggle every day to have their basic needs met. Just outside Cape Town City centre, we work with longstanding community initiatives who do amazing transformational work in the lives of young vulnerable children and at-risk youth who would otherwise not get the opportunity to Education.

There are opportunities in the Health sector where you can assist in supporting moms with newborn babies, whether its packing baby bags, offering home-based visits to patients or even monitor blood pressure for the elderly. 

And if you are eager to help in the various Community Development programs we offer, there is a place for everyone to serve! You will be supported by the different inspiring project coordinators and get to see first hand how lives are being transformed.


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We partner with non-profit organisations in these areas who works selflessly every day to provide meals, shelter, basic education and care to those living under the breadline. Volunteers are the bloodline to these organisations as they struggle daily to have enough funds to feed, at times, a whole community. Themba Travel works alongside them to make an impact that is lasting and restoring the hope to people.

Learn how selfless giving of your time, talent and treasures can transform a whole community touching one life at a time. Make a tangible difference by using your skills, expertise and passion to help people. A percentage of your program fees will provide for education to a child, healthcare to someone who suffers from a curable disease or skills training to the unemployed. In exchange for your charitable kindness, you will receive a memorable experience that will make you more culture-sensitive, broaden your perspective on life and help build community while enjoying the beauty of South Africa. Get ready to be overwhelmed by smiling faces, happy songs and dancing!

3 Volunteer Programs

Program: Education (Term time only)

Duration: 2-12 weeks
From: 995 GBP / 1133 Euro / 1237 USD

Program: Health

Duration: 2- 8 weeks
From: 1100 GBP / 1252 Euro / 1368 USD

Program: Community Development

Duration: 2-8 weeks
From: 1200 GBP/ 1366 Euro/ 1492 USD

SA 2021 School Term

Term 1: 25 Jan – 31 March
Term 2: 13 March – 25 June
Term 3: 13 July – 23 September
Term 4: 05 Oct – 10 December

Always check the school term dates before booking

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People often ask why I choose to support and volunteer at Mama Themba. 9 years ago I volunteered to repack cupboards and organize the incoming donations at the office. Not long after this, I had the longing to pack the individual baby bags going out, to the hospital. I really did enjoy doing this once a week…especially the personal touch that went into each bag. Needless to say, now I developed the urge to meet the mother and baby receiving this gift, but to my surprise, I quickly found out that the giver was actually on the receiving end.

To see the happiness and utter surprise that someone is really interested in her and congratulate her with the new baby. To see a newborn in a mother’s arms, to be her first (and for most, the only visitor) is a privilege and real blessing to me.  I quickly realized I’m merely an instrument to be there, to chat to, to listen, to care, to take a picture with her phone to send to her family, to hold a hand, to pray if needed and also to cry with, sometimes. I never walk away from the same person; I have more empathy towards people around me. I will forever treasure my volunteering and I am a proud ambassador.

Annatjie Tough
South African volunteer


Three and a half years ago I did some volunteering at the Mama Themba project. I packed Baby Bags with all necessary items for newborn babies and their mums (baby clothes, nappies, sanitary towels, toiletries, etc).

Together with the project manager and other volunteers, I helped deliver them to a state hospital in Somerset West. Before that, we needed to organize and have everything neatly packed.

It is always hard for an NPO to collect money or find lovely people to help them. To work in this special team really warmed my heart.

Everyone in the team is really open-minded and working there felt like working with a family right from the beginning. There will always be someone to listen to you and help you with anything. Please volunteer with this project.

Amy Punschke
22 years old,from Germany


A very enthusiastic and passionate lady shared about the organisation she worked for.  She captured my attention as she spoke of how they worked in public hospitals sharing love and gifts to new mothers and their babies. I have a passion for serving in community-based organisations that work with meeting the needs of the less privileged so this caught my attention. After training, I immediately signed on to start doing hospital visits. I then joined the office to help with stock control, attending to donors/visitors/volunteers, on the job training and general office admin assistance.  My time at Mama Themba was very inspirational and I grew in my organising and admin skills.  Working with a dynamic project manager also ignited my energy and zest to do my part in serving with excellence in any opportunity! I have been encouraged to continue to do my best and use my skills, abilities and time to improve the lives of others in the areas to which I will be called.

Vimbai Mkhosana
Zimbabwean living in, South Africa