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About your Educational tour

Made for the enquiring, our Educational Tours are geared to anyone who wants to learn more about South Africa in a practical and interesting way! Your trip will include visiting places of cultural, historical and political significance and be followed by conversations that will inspire.

While enjoying the many beautiful landscapes, natural fauna and flora of our country, you will learn about history, different cultures, sports, music, foods and traditions. You will meet the locals who will give you their perspective on life in South Africa.

Our Educational tours will encourage collaborations between students and teachers to discuss real-life issues of South Africa and create a platform to exchange ideas.

Our Educational tours are ideal for high school, college and university students groups. Tours will be custom designed to compliment their respective fields of study. You will be learning all aspects of the customs, habits and mutual differences of the South African people and cultures. Tours will provide activities to develop and nurture talent and leadership development. The dynamics of effective team working and engagement will be explored throughout the tour.

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Duration: 12 days/11 nights

Group size: 6-30 participants approx.

Dates: Together we decide the best dates

*High School Students

**University Students