A Beautiful Mix – Tours 

With so much variety of cultures, people, places, fauna, flora and food we combine them all in 12 unforgettable days. The Beautiful Mix tours pair colourful people with top attractions. A few days in the city with a few days in the African bush! This combination will surely give you a full authentic South African experience!

Wildlife & Conservation Experience

South Africa boasts spectacular natural resources and wildlife. Known as the most popular park, is the Kruger National Park where the Big 5 roam freely. So if you are up for a safari or down for sundowners on a riverboat in  a private game reserve, your adventure awaits!

Educational Experience

Our Educational Experience is geared to anyone who wants to learn more about South Africa in a unique way! Your trip will include visiting places of cultural, historical and political significance and be followed by conversations that will inspire. Enjoy the many beautiful landscapes while learning about different cultures, music, foods and traditions. You will be introduced to the locals who will give you their perspective on life in South Africa. These tours are ideal for high school, college, university students groups.

Volunteering Experience

South Africa is great because of her people! The local people has a strength and tenacity amidst their struggles. Together with selfless souls, we partner and extend our hand to help. Be part of the transformation by volunteering your time, skills and passion for people. Feel the heart of why we do what we do, and see first hand what difference your contribution makes to the less fortunate and in return your life will be enriched.