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Made for the inquiring, our Educational Tours are geared to anyone who wants to learn more about South Africa in a practical and interesting way! Your trip will include visiting places of cultural, historical and political significance and be followed by conversations that will inspire.Educational tours are ideal for high school, college and university student groups. Tours will be custom designed to complement their respective fields of study. You will be learning all aspects of the customs, habits and mutual differences of the South African people and cultures. Tours will provide activities to develop and nurture talent and leadership development. The dynamics of effective teamwork and engagement will be explored throughout the tour.


Welcome to ‘Live the Passion SA’!

Spend 9 days and 8 nights in cosmopolitan Cape Town. Ideally, for the energetic and vibrant youth (16-18-year-old), this tour will broaden your knowledge of South African history. Packed with 4 days of community service, you will get the opportunity to learn about the culture and life of South African youth. The rest of the time, high schoolers will explore and experience the best of Cape Town.

Our Educational tours will encourage collaborations between students and teachers to discuss real- life issues of South Africa and create a platform to exchange ideas.


Travel with us for a 12 day, 11 nights custom-made study abroad tour. We tailor-make our tours to match the needs, expectations, budget, and time frame of your student group. We understand that the intentions of study abroad programs are to enrich the academic and personal development of highly motivated students. Our trips are therefore planned to ensure that students, who will later become significant leaders in their respective fields of study, are exposed to a variety of opportunities that include:

  • Visits to places of significant cultural-historical and political value combined with a serious conversation about these contexts with several significant South African leaders and influencers.
  • Active engagement in cultural and social activities to enhance knowledge of the South African community life followed by reflexive discussion.
  • Excursions to experience the beautiful scenery and natural fauna and flora of our country.

We can also support research opportunities if needed, provided the ethical requirements are met.

Educational Tours – Group Size: 6 min, 20 max
Tour dates: Together, we decide the best dates


“This trip has been a beautiful mix between educational and emotional experiences mix with touristy and fun activities. You get the best of both worlds.”

Bryce Yanni

Honors student

“I think that this is probably the most important and valuable educational experience that these students will ever get. We talk a lot about diversity and inclusion in the US, but to see in practice how other people are dealing with it and finding solutions is more than what you can learn in books.”

Dr. Kevin Dean

Director of Honors at West Chester University, Pennsylvania and co-chair of the International Committee of the NCHC